More Agile Manifesto Wallpapers

The wallpapers I made for the Agile Manifesto got a few views, so I made some new ones for the 12 principles. Only one size again, if you want a different size, that would be easy to make, but just let me know in the comments!


If you have dual monitors, why not stick the manifesto on your left monitor and the 12 principles on the right? ūüôā




Agile Manifesto Wallpapers

As an agile developer the¬†Manifesto for Agile Software Development¬†is used to guide you in your agile workflow. Since it holds such a big importance for us, I thought I’d make some wallpapers so we can stick them on our desktop and get a constant reminder of these core values.

I’ve made two of the manifesto (a clean one and an outer space one). The size is 1024 x 768. Let me know if you like them!

If there’s interest I can make them on different sizes too. I can also make them for the twelve principles, again if you would like to see that.

Agile Fluency

Over the years our team has been working according to Agile pratices and we’ve slowly grown into them. The process took alot of effort on our part, to keep pushing us forward and keep learning from our mistakes. Having made these mistakes, we where more keen on implementing the practices and we can still reference back to them now when something starts to slide the wrong way.

An interesting¬†article was published on Martin Fowlers site called¬†Your Path through Agile Fluency. It hits quite a key point in the fact that Agile (and Scrum, XP, …) practices are easy to teach and understand in a classroom, but difficult to implement in real projects. They don’t provide a ‘silver bullet’ methodology which changes efficiency from one day to the next. Teams take years to progress trough the Agile Fluency path, and most of them never get¬†beyond level 1.

In our team, I think we now have a solid base in level 1 and our slowly working our way to level 2. Will we ever get to 3, or even 4? Is it even necessary for our team? ¬†Time will tell…

Are you working on an Agile team too? Have the same experience? What level do you think your team is on?