Showing all Windows 8 apps in the store

I was a little surprised when I opened up the Windows 8 Store for the first time. I had a specific app I was looking for, but could not find it by just browsing.

The amazing search charm to the rescue I thought, but still no results…

Store Search Meme

Hmm, something strange was going on. The number of apps in each category was surprisingly low.

After some digging I found the following setting under Settings > Preferences: Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages. Flicking it to No solved the problem!

Store Preferences


Store Search Meme Found

The store has this setting turned on by default, which means it only displays apps for your country-specific and/or language-specific locale (which you can define in your control panel).

For those of you looking for my ClearWriter app in the store, but not being able to find it, check this switch…


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