SOLID: what every programmer should know (according to my wife)

A while back I gave a presentation to my coworkers about the SOLID principles. In my slides I used the great motivational posters from Derick Bailey. The day before the presentation I told my wife what the talk was going to be about.

Not expecting her to ask any further (my wife is, rightfully so, not interested in the stuff we programmers get exited about, meaning, she is quite a normal person) I noted there where some funny posters in my slides.

She was interested!

She asked me to describe them, so I explained her the pictures and the principles, as simple as I could, which was really easy with the posters.

After I was finished she tilted her head slightly and looked at me. “And you have to explain this to other programmers? Isn’t this what everyone should be doing already?”

She made the best point anyone could make on the SOLID principles. I also believe this is the stuff every programmer should know and should strive to attain in his/her code (side note: they are not rules! They are guidelines and should be used as such.)

A great place to start sharpening your understanding of the principles is the very place (person) they originated from: Uncle Bob.


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